How to reach us

Basileia Books

Jeffrey Paul Orrell

373 Salem Street

Andover, Massachusetts  01810


business phone: (978) 475 7928

cell phone: (978) 886 2311


2 thoughts on “How to reach us

  1. Hi Jeffrey! I received your phone message a few months ago, but lost track of it when I got a new phone. We chatted at the Boston Early Music Festival back in 2015 about some of my books. Anyway, my wife & I will be in Andover on Wednesday, and I thought it might be a good idea to stop by your shop just to touch bases while we’re in the area. Drop me a not if this is not convenient. Thanks! Jeffery


    1. Thanks very much for your message, I am delighted to hear from you! I am planning ahead for the Boston Early Music Festival in June. What is your schedule this Wednesday? Ideally I would meet you in the late afternoon or early evening. Please call me at 978 475 7928 [business and home]. Also my cell number is 978 886 2311. Hope to see you soon Jeffery!


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