Our structure and purpose

Basileia Books features a collection of rare, out-of-print, and recent books in religion and the humanities.

The core areas are FOUNDATIONS IN DIVINITY and FAITH AND PRACTICE, forming a structure that imitates a classical curriculum for Christian theology and ministry.

The collection focuses on Christianity and Judaism, and includes the comparative study of these two with other religious traditions.

The cognate areas are ARTS AND LETTERS and RELIGION AND SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY. Here the collection extends into the breadth of subjects in the arts and humanities.

The interpretive scheme demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge and illustrates the suffusion of belief systems in all areas of human endeavor.

Basileia Books strives to meet the needs and interests of book collectors, scholars, librarians, and members of religious and community organizations. Customized services include bibliographic research, language translation, and collection development.

Catalogues and thematic magazines are issued on a monthly basis. Be sure to mark this page for new posts!